5 Amazing And Very Helpful Low Poly Modeling Tips

low poly modeling tips

Today, with the high technology available in the video game industry. It is natural to see life-like images coming out in each game. You already know, polygons are a crucial part of every 3D model. Also, the more the polygon count, the smoother the object looks. You can easily create a 3D object by using different programs designed for it. There are many various modeling programs available, but you should know about this low poly modeling program. The item having the minimum number of polygons is the low poly. Sometimes it does not look smooth, but they require video cards. Before choosing the high or low poly for use, you need to look at the purpose of using it. You may use the model in the render in an engine such as Unity or Unreal or in a game. In that case, you should use low poly modeling, and there are many low poly modeling tips that you must follow.

Low poly models are easy to load, edit and view on your machine. It results in quick render times. Also, you can work with these models efficiently as it is easy to edit a less complicated mesh, as compared to a mesh having millions of polygons. The most important thing which you should always remember is considering the texture like diffuse or normal maps. Also, the number and size of images add more resources to your texture map than your PC calculates. Now you know everything about low poly, but you also need to know about these helpful low poly modeling tips.

Know About These Very Helpful Low Poly Modeling Tips

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Making use of all triangles is necessary. You know almost every polygon is triangular and divided into triangles, while exporting it to a game engine, you can divide all the polygons yourself. It will give you an extra edge for defining the shape.

Always use the outer side of the joints for modeling volume. Also, always model the prominent shape landmarks and profile. You can create an extra detail of the polygons left with the texture map.

Never forget adding shape with texture. Draw some highlights and shadows into textures. But, always do it sparingly because substantial presents shadows; otherwise, highlights look false.

You can use multiple textures on the objects. Softwares like game engines allow textures of a specific size. But you can overcome the limitations if you have various textures. Never add textures beyond the limit. Ensure that your device handles the textures comfortably.

It would be best if you use hands to color the texture. Painting in shades of black, white, grey, and after that, overlaying color can be more comfortable for you. But if you choose the coloring and painting by hand, then the result will be more alive and vibrant.


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Low poly modeling can be very easy for you if you know useful low poly modeling tips. These tips can help you in modeling. Never forget those helpful low poly modeling tips.

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