A Cartoon Kid Modeling Base Can Be Fun

cartoon kid modeling base

What makes a good cartoon kid modeling base? There are several things that should be considered when purchasing a kid’s base. The first thing is the material it is made out of. While many parents choose to go with clay, there are also several options for those looking to create realistic models. The options for materials include plastics, fiberglass, wood and even cardboard. Each of these materials has their own advantages and disadvantages which you will need to weigh carefully.

Fiberglass Bases Are Also Relatively Cheap – Cartoon Kid Modeling Base

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Plastic bases are the cheapest option. While they may be the least durable, plastic is still incredibly popular and easy to work with. While it is not completely waterproof, it may be best to avoid using a base made out of plastic as it may become slippery if you are not careful. It is best to clean it regularly to keep it clean and avoid any accidents.

Fiberglass bases are also relatively cheap and can be cleaned easily. These can look the best in pictures but can be harder to work with than plastic. There is not nearly as much support for the model, because the material is so lightweight. If you are interested in this type of base, it is best to use a wood or medium density fiberboard model.

Drawbacks To Using Fiberglass

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There are some drawbacks to using fiberglass. It is typically not recommended for those who want to have a more lifelike representation of their cartoon kid. It is more likely to crack than other types of material models. If the base starts to chip, it is not as if you can just sand it down and use a new piece. The base could permanently warp if it is not treated properly. You may have to remove the base entirely and start over if it does not take care of itself.

Wood is the best choice for those with a preference for a more realistic look. The material is usually quite smooth, which makes it easier to work with. It is also often very smooth from the individual strands so the child can make sure that all the strands match perfectly. You should only have problems with chipping if the child is rough on the wood or uses the material in a way that causes the material to chip.

Bright Colors Are Best For Children

Make sure that the colors that you choose for your cartoon kid’s base are appropriate. Bright colors are best for children who are just beginning to like making models. However, you will probably want to avoid darker shades for most children until they get a little older. Bright colors provide more attention to the face and the eyes, while dark colors can make the head look too big. The best thing to do is to test different color combinations to see what looks best.

The shading on the body is important as well. Shader will make the body look more realistic and make it appear that it has parts that are flapping. The shading will be especially helpful for younger children who really don’t understand why certain parts of their body are flapping. The shading on the body will also make it easier for kids to get into character.

Summing Up

When you make the decisions about the cartoon kid’s clothes, remember to choose clothing that is age appropriate. Your child might just love bright, colorful outfits but they will not be able to perform any action poses if the clothes don’t fit them right. To help your child have fun, try to find outfits that your child can put on and take off. If your child is going to wear a costume that goes up all the way to their feet, make sure to find cartoon kid costumes that go all the way to their ankles.

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