A list Of Jobs For Your 10 Year olds

jobs for 10 year olds

Your 10-year-old is just entering the preteen years, which means they’ll want you to treat them as an adult.

While children of this age cannot be entirely self-sufficient, there is a range of excellent professions for ten-year-olds.

Jobs for 10 year olds are a terrific method to teach your child about money and responsibility and give them a chance to learn about the working world.

Here Are The Jobs For Top Ten-year-olds

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Allowing your children to start their own business is one of the most effective ways to teach them about entrepreneurship.

Why not help your 10-year-old start a small business to generate money if they are interested in business?

Do you want to know what kinds of jobs for ten-year-olds can start? Consider one of these simple business concepts:

T-shirts For Sale

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Is your adolescent artistic? Assist them in creating and selling their t-shirts.

Several websites can submit your designs and print your custom t-shirts, making it a straightforward employment idea for a 10-year-old.


If you’re okay with your 10-year-old using social media, assist them in becoming a young Instagram influencer. They can start earning sponsorships and free gear after they have enough followers and interaction.

Do they feel at ease in front of the camera? Assist them in starting a YouTube channel for youngsters.

They might make videos about a variety of topics and start earning money from them.

Make Some Jewelry.

Jewelry may be made by a ten-year-old with ease.

Custom jewelry is also simple to market. You may quickly assist your preteen earn some extra money by selling their designs, whether you set up an Etsy account or set up a table at your local farmer’s market.

Organize Your Home

Some children are born organizers.

If your adolescent enjoys sorting and arranging, this could be the ideal career for them.

Begin by allowing your 10-year-old to organize and sort your own home. After that, they should offer their services to their neighbors and family members.

Assistance With Technology

Let’s face it: nowadays, kids are often more tech adept than adults. Starting a tech support business is a terrific way for your 10-year-old to put their computer abilities to good use while earning some additional cash.

Your adolescent could assist with the following tasks, depending on their ability level:

• Getting a new computer set up

• Getting a new phone set up

• Photo retouching

• Using a scanner to scan paper photos into a computer

• Entering data

• Developing websites

• Creating social media profiles

• Creating a file backup


If your child is ready to start working but has never worked before, it’s probably best to start with little employment and work your way up. Giving them small work will assist your child in finding a job that is a good match for their personality and maturity level. When they find something they enjoy doing, the more they work, the more they may improve their talents and grow their responsibilities.

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