How To Get Free Kid Modeling Contests For Your Kids

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Believe it or not, a number of children are often scouted and discovered because their families throw parties and the invitees come in tiny or large costumes. This is an excellent way for the family to interact and get to know each other. There are a number of ways that you can host these contests.

Make sure that you participate in as many free kid modeling contests available as possible. You never know what one you may win in. Maybe you could be a brand new kid on the block too. You never really know where your future career may land you though. These contests are usually the only platform that most children get to stand out from the crowd.

Inviting Guests

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Once you begin inviting guests over, you will have to decide how you will pay for the event. One option is to simply charge admission to the entire gathering. Another option is to find sponsors who will pay for the expenses of having a grand opening celebration and the food as well. Sponsors may also be interested in buying ad space in the child’s future modeling ads that he or she creates.

As you begin to grow your list of potential sponsors, consider offering a free model to each guest that you have invited. Some sponsors will even pay you to select their top three choices for a monthly fee. These models then enter the contests, where they are judged according to their appearance and effort. A model that has won a contest may very well win in the modeling department the following month. That’s something to look forward to.

The Prospect Of Entering Child Modeling Contest

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Some children may shy away from the prospect of entering child modeling contests. That shouldn’t stop you from hosting one. You can keep it simple by offering just snacks and drinks for those that come to the event. This way, you can limit your expenses, while still giving the kids the opportunity to show off what they can do. They will also be motivated to improve their chances of winning when they see how well their competition is doing.

If you are able to find sponsors, try to offer them products that can compliment their clothing line. This way, the sponsors will get their product on display while the contest is going on and will promote your company while also promoting your kid’s line. Sponsorships can get you a lot of exposure and publicity, which will make your child stand out from the other kids competing.

All Kids Deserve To Win Modeling Awards

Make sure that the contest doesn’t favor just one child or just one type of model. All kids deserve to win modeling awards, and there should be plenty of categories for them to choose from. You don’t have to pick just one though, you can pick multiple categories so that there is something for all kids to win. Kids that are good at art should be entered in those modeling categories, and kids that are good in music will be entered in those music modeling contests.

Many of these contests will ask contestants to submit a portfolio of their work. If you can’t afford to send in a portfolio with your kid, then send a photo of your kid to the judges. That way, they can see some of the work that he or she has done. 


If you are going to hold a contest that uses photos as its criteria, then make sure that the photos are updated and taken professionally. You want to be sure that your kid looks his or her best, and that means taking the time to fix those pimples, laugh lines, and learn how to apply makeup properly. These are all important things to include in child modeling competitions.

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