How To Pose For Pictures for Women

how to pose for pictures women

Taking pictures is a hobby for many. Especially if you are a woman you will be more fond of having your beauty clicked many times. Getting a good picture is not easy for many. Many look good in reality, but when they are clicked for poses they look so bad. This is because they lack posing skills. Photogenic skill is not present in everyone by nature. Several practices and an expert guide are needed to get your portrait well and well. Many don’t achieve their exact skill even having a good photographer in their hands just because they need more tips and tricks. You may be short or tall, white or dark, fatty or lean, knowing the best tips for posing will give you an excellent image of yours.

Avoid Square Pose

The position of the model speaks rather than its structure. If you place the camera over a model with shoulders square then sure the result will be a wider body look. To avoid this, turn your body two-thirds away from the camera and keep your face straight to the camera. Keep your right foot back when you turn towards your right side.

Shoot From Above

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This pose will expose your chin and jawline area in a better way. Place the camera above the eye level and never above. If you are a curvier woman then this pose will work better. You look smaller when the camera is placed above and a little away.

Choose Strong Jawline

Having a strong jawline without a double chin is important for a female portrait. For this place your camera above your eye level. Just lower your chin and press your tongue to the roof of the mouth with a smile. This will lengthen the neck and accentuate the jawline. This will avoid the double jawline appearance. Also, bring your head forward. This will work better by bringing your chin out and down.

Open The mouth Slightly

The opening of the mouth defines the quality of the picture. If your mouth is closed tightly then the picture will depict defiance, boredom, and an angry face. If you have your mouth open it will depict openness, agreement, willingness, and vulnerability.

Careful Hand Pose

Posing your hand is one of the hardest parts of posing a picture. Hand size is similar to face size. Avoid putting your palms or the back of your hands near the face. You may have your hands under the chin, in the hair, or above the shoulders. Don’t have your hands pressing against something.

Best Poses For Women

  • Hands Together At The Front. This pose can work for different shots including creative clicks to formal and traditional clicks.
  • A simple pose works better for many women of different structures. Just face the camera, place one leg over the other and be confident to get a perfect click.
  • Until you do this better. This pose won’t work better for you. For this, you stand as if you’re walking. This tip may help may to gets is good.
  • Elbow Resting pose comes better at studio click and also at shooting spot click. You can make this pose better by incorporating some interesting property or object.


Thus posing for your camera is a professional trick that can be learned by anyone. Just have the point above in your ideas and also have a good photographer who can make all these tips possible.

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