Kids 80s Outfit Ideas That Can Help You Choose The Best For Your Kid

kids 80s outfit

80s fashion immediately evokes flashbacks to all of the crazy and trendy outfits from head to toes, that were influenced by many media icons. 1980s fashion trends can be commended for their creativity as there were many different styles available. The decade was a prosperous and showy time for many people and kid’s clothing mimicked adult styles that allowed them to explore and experiment with fresh colors and new trends.

Kids 80s Outfit

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In the 1980s, there were several that characterized kid’s fashion style. Matching was prevalent and the popular outfits for kids featured matching bottoms, all with the same patterns or colors. Stripes in black and white or multi-color were popular with both kids and teenagers, especially on T-shirts and skirts.

Kids 80s Outfit Ideas – Tops

During the 1980s, denim jackets complete with the same acid wash as jeans and cropped leather jackets, known to give a rock-and-roll look were considered to be hot items. For both boys and girls, big baggy sweaters were common. Girls often wore off-the-shoulder torn sweatshirts and flower patterns in most of their dresses. Boys wore sweaters with abstract colors and patterns. Overall, bold stripes, big patterns, neon colors such as orange, yellow, green made a statement when it came to tops.

Kids 80s Outfit Ideas – Pants

In the 1980s, jeans were given a makeover by putting through an acid or stonewash in order to give them a worn or frayed look. Parachute pants became very popular among both boys and girls, which are thin and shiny nylon pants having multiple pockets that are closed with zippers. Although, girls would typically wear leggings that were available in a variety of colors. These were made from knit materials and stopped at the ankle, below the knee, or at mid-calf. Overall, the pants style had high waists and were straight-legged that distinguished them from the previous decade popular with flared jeans.

Kids 80s Outfit Ideas – Shoes

Tennis shoes were popular those days that came in very bright colors and patterns. Kids used to wear street shoes with shoelaces in a rainbow of colors. Puffy shoes in highlighter colors were also a popular choice. During the summer months, girl’s preferences were jellies, made from PVC plastic, and had glitter on them to make them sparkle. Jellies came in a wide range of colors as well.

Kids 80s Outfit Ideas And Accessories

During the 1980s, many wild accessories made fashion for kids. A pair of fishnet stockings or leg warmers pulled over leggings or exercise pants lent style and warmth. Jelly bracelets were popular, made up of PVC plastic or rubber, and came in various colors. For both boys and girls, oversized sunglasses in neon colors were fascinating to wear.


Kids clothing in the 1980s was characterized by some eye-catching colors, patterns, and some unique, bold cuts. Both men’s and women’s fashion was trickled down into kids 80s outfits with bold stripes, bright patterns, and colors and there was nothing understated about fashion in the eighties.

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