Kids Boho Style Outfit Inspirations

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Easy to carry, easy to source and easy to buy, boho jewelry is riding high on the fashion charts for kids and adults alike. When the adults are all donning their best gypsy avatars then why would the kids stay behind? Enter the versatile and colorful range of kids boho style outfits which are cuteness personified. Little young souls dressed up in myriad hues in flowy fabrics and accessorized with bohemian jewelry steal the show wherever they go!

Toddlers dressed up in earthy colored rompers look adorable. These garments are inspired from natural elements like stones, beads, metals, feathers, flowers and leather. They are colorful and easy to wear. Another biggest advantage of boho jewelry is that it is cheap and pocket friendly. One need not spend a bomb in order to buy them and little kids can easily wear them without any worries. 

This range takes its inspirations from flowers, feathers, plants, animal prints and other earthy elements. Hippie style of clothing for toddlers and kids looks alluring. These clothes are comfortable, smart, fashionable and most importantly organic. 

Kid’s Boho Style Fashion

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  • Embroidery: this has made a rave comeback with embroidery patterns on jackets, jeans and shirts. 
  • Floppy Hats: cute little munchkins donning adorable floppy hats are seen running the fashion streets this season. It boasts of their free-spirited young mind and peaceful attitudes
  • Off-shoulders: Quite rampant in the glitzy world of fashion, off-shoulder dresses are perfect to beat the heat in style.
  • Cold shoulder tops: Spelling a cool attitude, cold shoulder tops are hugely popular amongst the young and older woman.
  • Floral patterns: Though never out of style, floral patterns have made a comeback with a bang in the boho chic kind of way with floral patterns seen in shoes, frocks, tops, skirts, accessories and bags.
  • Fringes: Lil girls look cute carried fringed sling bags.
  • Layers: Layered tops and skirts boast of a boho chic style and are hugely trending the fashion charts.
  • Tan color: This hot color is as earthen as possible and can be seen in belts, shoes, hats, bags and clothes. 
  • Detailed and embroidered shorts: Shorts until now were mostly available in plain colors. The boho range of shorts for girls has intricate detailing and embroidery and is even very comfy to wear.
  • Tassels: tassels in girl’s clothing are hugely popular and inspired by the gypsy style. Tassels can be seen on clothes, accessories and jewelry for little girls.
  • High-lo hem: hugely popular, this style is essentially hippie and gypsy. It is seen in tops, skirts, maxi dresses and frocks.
  • Pom-poms: Pom-Poms have made their way to kids fashion and are seen in cute little girl’s tops and skirts. Pom-Pom neckpieces are also available which largely boast of a hippie culture. 

These and many more are currently inspiring the kid’s boho styled clothing range. This style is layered and flowy which is visible in most of the gypsy outfits. One can purchase boho styled kids fashion from online portals also.

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