Know Some Of The Popular Baby Boy Names

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When your spouse or partner gives birth to a baby boy, you may find yourself speculating upon the new baby ‘s name. Perhaps you will call him The Kid or J.J. or Joey or Peter, any of the choices which are popular.

You can be sure that if you chose your baby’s name, you will get many more people telling you how adorable you are and how much they admire your sense of style. Hence, the following are just a few examples of baby boy names:

Jean-Paul – Pierre comes from the name Jean-Paul Belmondo. Jean-Paul is a variation of Paul, Pierre. Furthermore, Pierre originally means “son of light.” Of all the various baby boy names, it is a favorite one, but parents do not use it today.

Know the Popular Baby Boy Names
Know the Popular Baby Boy Names

Asheley – Asheley is a variation of Ashley, which is an Anglo-French name meaning “lovely hillside.” It is actually a famous name for both boys and girls. We believe it was in use long before they pronounce the first English word, ash. Asheley was given by the English queen Anne Boleyn, who gave her daughter the name in honor of the Mount Ashby hill where she and Anne had their first meeting.

Other Baby Boy Names

Charles – Charles is a famous baby boy’s name. It is an Anglo-Saxon form of the Greek kairos, meaning “dream.” Furthermore, the name Charles is a kind of an idea of dreaming, and the Greek meaning of the name is consistent with that belief.

Jack – The name is a variant of Jack. Its Greek origin is unknown, but some believe it has to do with a jackal, the Latin word for the jackal. The name probably comes from Greece, where they originally associate it with the name John.

Jakob – This is a Germanic baby boy name that originates from the Old High German kan “cave” and buo “tree”. You can pronounce the name as “Haa-schoh”Ya-shah-boh.”

Know the Popular Baby Boy Names
Know the Popular Baby Boy Names

Jacob – The name Jacob is the same as the Hebrew Yashar, which means “he who pours water.” The name is not related to Latin, Greek, or Hebrew. However, in history, Jacob was commonly given to people with extraordinary virtue, such as kings and emperors.

Jordan – This name is an adaptation of the name Daniel, which means “descendant of the prophet Daniel”. Daniel was the eighth apostle to write about the Bible. He wrote about the Jews in Rome during the Second Temple period.

Jesse – The name is a variant of Isaiah, which means “Seal of the Lord”. Originally, the name means “cave of the righteous”. When he became king of Judah, King David was brought to exile, and through his name, he became King of Israel.


Christian – The name is a variant of Christian, which means “christened by God”. When he died, it was prophesied that the prince that should come would be named Christian.

Using a model baby name may also help you choose a cute one for your new baby. The above names are based on the latest style and trend so that you can find the perfect one. Furthermore, you may even be able to save time and money, since you can select the name of your choice.

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