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baby modeling atlanta

Baby modeling in the United States is now a huge industry, which provides many opportunities for tourists to visit the country and/or model for international agencies. The baby modeling industry is bigger than most people realize and it is growing very quickly.

First of all, it is absolutely necessary for you to get as much experience as possible before attempting to enter the professional world of baby modeling; the more exposure that you can get, the better.


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The first place for you to check out if you want to get a chance at baby modeling Atlanta is the Georgia Southern University’s McKnight Center. The center has three campuses in the state of Georgia – Atlanta, Savannah, and Ellijay. It is a great place for modelers to meet up with potential modeling clients and to learn more about the business. You can sign up for the center’s free newsletter to keep updated on the latest information and job openings in the modeling industry.

The second place that you should check out for baby modeling Atlanta is the Bulldogs Back Studio. This studio is managed by none other than Jack Graham, who is one of the hottest talent agents in the whole country. The Studio was founded in Georgia in the early 1990s. It specializes in photo shoots and casting of new talent. The studio also houses a yearbook that features many talented and well-known models as well as their photographs.

Atlanta Baby Modeling Agency

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Another place that you should visit is the Atlanta Baby Modeling Agency. This company is run by Amy Smith, an extremely talented and experienced baby modeler who also happens to be a highly sought after talent agent as well. The ATA has branches in New York, Florida, and Texas.

The ATA caters largely to African American babies and toddlers seeking to gain stardom and recognition as models in the baby modeling Atlanta area. To browse through the ATA’s web site, click on” portfolios”.

St. Louis Children’s Theatre

If you are in search of a baby modeling Atlanta assignment, you should check out the St. Louis Children’s Theatre. This performing arts theater has three main stage locations: The Great Theater on Wisconsin Avenue in St. Louis, The Vic Theater on Belmont Street in downtown Saint Louis, and The Center for the Arts on East Grand street in historic downtown Saint Louis. There are many summer programs and workshops for kids ranging from Pre-K to High School musical productions. Check out the web site for a full schedule of events. (The Vic Theatre does not have a website.)

Baby modeling agencies in Boston and Toledo offer variety roles, although roles in the infant entertainment industry tend to be limited. Babies will often be hired as walkers, camp counselors, supervising actors, or even as clowns. In some cities, such as Boston and Toledo, the agencies have entered into partnerships with hospitals and other organizations that provide care to premature infants on a smaller scale.


Baby modeling is one of the many options available to talented young people in the southern United States. In terms of cities, baby boomers will find plentiful opportunities in both Atlanta and Cleveland. Baby boomers looking to stay active in the arts should check out the Baby Modeling Institute in New York City. Several traveling exhibits are given by this institute, which is located in New York City and has studios in Cleveland, Georgia, and California.


Looking for a unique cultural experience? Check out baby modeling at the Center for the Arts in San Francisco and the Children’s Museum of San Francisco. There are numerous free museums in the United States, so families should not have a problem finding one.

Another option is to visit your local colleges and look into programs offered by the English language and history departments.


Typically, there are plenty of summer programs available as well, including concerts, theatrical shows, dancing workshops, and art and culture programs. New Orleans is another city that is worth exploring, with its own cultural and historical contributions to America.

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