Three Styles of Kids Zombie Hunters

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Zombies over recent years have become oh so very popular, even featuring heavily in some of the biggest horror movies and television shows. And now the popularity of this blood sucking creature itself is leading to a resurgence of kids zombie outfits! Kids love the idea of dressing up as a walking dead, and are now getting in on the action! So let’s take a look at what is available for your little zombie fan, starting with a great looking zombie costume! You can get the traditional style zombie look, or you can go with a more modern look that incorporates brighter colours and accessories.

An Overview

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So let’s start with the basics – a zombie costume! A plain old zombie costume will usually feature black clothing, zombie face paint and perhaps a white headband. If you want to add some more zing to it, why not get your kids some zombie make up and zombie makeup kit? This will really help them appear dead and evil – and hey, it’s fun to make them do that!

The kids zombie hunter outfit is one of the most popular. It’s perfect for either boys or girls, and can be a lot of fun for a whole group of young survivors. As a zombie hunter, your kids can spend the night camping out in the woods, scavenging for the food they will need to survive. When evening comes, you’ll be needed – so prepare them with a great zombie hunter costume!

Styles Of Kids’ Zombie Hunters

The kids zombie hunter costume is available in many different styles. There is the traditional zombie look, which is a great for boys and girls. This one features a brightly coloured top and dark trousers. Along with this you will probably want to wear some headbands, some glow sticks and maybe a really cool zombie face paint. If you want you can also add on a bandana and maybe some other gear, but we’ll focus on the outfit as it stands. Let’s get started!

The second style is a little bit more feminine, although still fun for boys. This one features a pale grey top with zombie-type pants. For the legs, you can add on some long boots and a zombie headband. To complete the look, the kids can also add on some bandanas, as well as some gloves, bomb belts, gun belts and even a bow and arrow. These will really make an impression on everyone who sees them, especially if they are on a hunting trip! And if you get them a bow and arrow, it will definitely make them look more authentic (and better able to aim).

This is also a very cool kids zombie outfit! It features a bright green t-shirt and leggings. Along with this you will probably want to add on some corduroy pants, a stocking hat, some black boots, a face mask, some brown eyewear, and some black gloves. While these aren’t all that fancy, they will certainly make a statement to anyone who sees them. This is a great choice for younger kids, as they will fit right in with the popular kids zombie hunter character themes.

If you want something a little less formal but still have the same fun look as the above, then you may want to try a kids zombie hunter costume for girls. This look is similar to the boys’ version, but for girls it has a slightly different style. The main difference is that instead of having all of the zombie kill stuff on, the girls zombie outfit has flowers on the dress. It also comes with matching leggings and boots. This is a great choice for parents who don’t want their kids to look like a scarecrow!

In The End

So now that you know these three styles, it’s time to start shopping. Just remember to choose a kid’s zombie hunter costume for your children that fits their age. Once you find that one, be sure to check out the other options that are available. There are plenty of great options and they are very affordable. Why not take a look at some of the awesome kids Halloween costumes today?

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