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tips on modelling

Heard recently that professional models need to make new friends, but not keep them for too long. Indeed, even the fittest models are all about survival and competition of the fittest but good friends are the only ladder you have to reach that top you aspire for. Any model and aspiring model who are serious about making it big in this industry needs to take these tips on modelling seriously. These tips on modelling are from an industry veteran and can be applied by anyone keen to be good in the business.

An Overview

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“Good Morning, Good Morning” – This is the first and very important of the tips on modelling which should also be applied by any budding model and aspiring model. You need to have a catch phrase, which you can say to everyone you meet, to boost your confidence and get yourself out there. It says what? A lot!

“Good Morning, Hello” – I remember the first time I used this phrase when I was in the shops with my best girl trying to find something to buy with my birthday money. The guy in the green stuff clothing told me “No thanks, I am not buying anything” and turned to go back to his friend. What a great way to turn someone down! My hello could use some tips on modelling with green stuff. Try to be different and people will respect you more for it. And remember green stuff actually smells nice.


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“Good Morning, Hello” – I am not sure if I used this phrase before when I went shopping with my then-boyfriend. But he said it so often, it became part of my vocabulary. So how can you use this favourite phrase when you are modelling? By being friendly. Say hello to everyone you meet and if they give you a weird look, smile and say “Thank you” before you go off and do your thing.

“Good Morning, Hello” – If you are a new model maybe you have not thought of this phrase before. If you are a model that has been working for quite some time you will probably have caught on to it already. If you are new to the world of fashion then you are probably less familiar with it all. So what do you do if someone walks up to you and says this is a really good looking outfit?

“Great Looking” – This is one model’s favourite phrase when he comes over to our studio for a chat. When we are talking about modelling it can sometimes seem like there is no way to end a conversation. But then when he says this he feels very proud of himself. He knows that by getting the right photographs he will get all of his clients’ attentions. If he wants to model for other people he could mention this in his model portfolio.

Dressing Tips 

“I Love My Job” – If you are a new model maybe you are starting to wonder what it would be like if you could stand up and walk around a room and talk to people. You might think that this is something you could never do. But then again maybe you have always had an eye for fashion, so it is not such a big thing to you. If you feel you would like this job then you could try explaining why you love it to your potential future clients.


These are just a few tips on modelling. There are many more tips and tricks that you could learn along your way. The more tips you get about modelling the more prepared you will be. This way you will know how to take your first steps and that will be a start for a great career.

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