Tyra Banks Modelling Tips That Will Help You A lot

tyra banks modeling tips

Everybody wants to go into the field of modeling because of its glamour and stardom. Everyone has the dream to become famous and have hoardings of himself on the roads. Which people adore and inspire. Tyra Lynne Banks is a big name in the field of modeling. She is also known as Banx. She is famous in many areas like model, businesswoman, producer, actress, and writer. She was the first African-American woman to feature on GQ. In the 2000’s she was one of the world’s top-earning models. People admire her for being the “Guru” in the field of modeling. Many people ask her for some tips on how to be a successful model in modeling. She gives tips like:

Effect Of Hands On Hips

A model

By putting hands on your hips, your waist will always look smaller, which is one big plus in the field of modeling. This creates an illusion of a background behind you, which makes your waist look smaller in size.

Effect Of Leaning Forward

A woman wearing a hat

If you are suffering from a problem of a big bust, there is a way by which you can make your bust appearance smaller by leaning forward as it creates an illusion in the formation by squeezing your navel back into the spine and making your bust look small.

Effect Of Tippy Toes

This is mainly for girls. When you are wearing a short length, and your legs are showing, it is essential to have great calf muscles because calf muscles add beauty to the appearance of the legs. So it is advised by Tyra Banks that always wear heels and tippy toes will give you a more prominent looking calf because having a flat foot appearance will make your calf look small, and all the grace of your legs will go in vain.

Effects Of Chin Up

When you have a prominent forehead, your photos will never come good. You will always feel insecure that you have a prominent forehead, and everybody is noticing that. Tyra Banks has given a life-saving tip of making your forehead look small, having always chin up. It will create an illusion of you having a small forehead, and your photos will come superbly good. Moreover, you will not feel insecure about your forehead in any public gathering.

Effects Of Knees In

Some people have huge hips, which makes their figure not good-looking. For this, Tyra Banks has given a tip to always walk in their knees in position. It will create an illusion of smaller hips. Hence it will solve your big hips problem.


Finally, it is very tough to maintain a place in modeling, so it is essential to know some hacks through which you can enhance your overall appearance. These Tyra banks tips are like beginners’ guides for people who are new in the field of modeling. So it is remarkably advisable to follow these for a great future in the field of modeling.

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